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Treatments & 1:1 Therapies

Take ownership of your health and unwind with treatments as our infrared sauna & ice bath, or with one-to-one holistic therapies.

Our bio-hacking treatments have been scientifically researched to optimize yourself and help you heal from within.


ice bath at The Seed


We focus on treating the body from the internal first. Instead of exposing the body to external heat, we use infrared light to tenderly penetrate the skin and increase the body temperature from within. Prepare to sweat, cleanse, and purify not from your pores, but all the way from your cells.

We highly recommend it before an ice bath session (the contrast journey).

  • Recenter and expand the body &  mind

  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Make the body become more flexible

  • Strengthen our muscles

  • Increase focus


Cold therapies are inherently anti-inflammatory and have proven to benefit recovery from serious auto immune diseases. Athletes are true ambassadors of ice baths, as it is incredibly effective for quicker muscle recovery and the improvement of mental well-being. A true energy-booster.


We highly recommend it after a private infrared sauna session.

infrared sauna at The Seed
  • Personalized treatments for individual needs

  • Deep relaxation and stress relief

  • Holistic approach to address mind, body & emotions

  • Targeted healing for specific concerns

  • Expert guidance in a supportive environment

1:1 Therapies


Experience the seamless integration of ancient wisdom and modern innovation as our expert practitioners guide you towards optimal health and vitality.


The Seed’s therapists incorporate philosophies and techniques from both East and West to craft balanced, multi-sensory experiences.



You can choose sessions of different durations. Our therapies have been designed so that you can accommodate a session whenever it suits you best, be it during a lunch break, early in the morning, or later in the evening to finish off your day.

We offer various therapies: massages, ayurvedic treatments, reflexology, reiki, theta healing, psychological, astrological and couples consultations, chinese medicine dietary...

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