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Audio-guided Ice Bath

Cold therapies are inherently anti-inflammatory and have proven to benefit recovery from serious auto immune diseases. Athletes are true ambassadors of ice baths, due to its many benefits.

We highly recommend it after an infrared sauna session.

  • Improves mental well-being and sleep quality - Helps recovery from burnout

  • Reduces pain and symptoms from auto-immune diseases such as MS, asthma, allergies, or diabetes.

  • Boosts energy and immune system



An audio-guided 8-minute session where you’ll be guided by a soothing and clear voice by one of our expert breathwork teachers to prepare yourself to dip in on your own.

Experience this treatment in our greenhouse, surrounded by plants and tranquillity.


Do you want to combine your Ice Bath with our Infrared Sauna ?

We highly recommend our Contrast Journey - experience our ice bath immersion after an infrared sauna session.

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